Monday, March 3, 2014

e.d.g.e. - Waves Motel EP

Justyn Waves and Moteleola produce e.d.g.e.'s latest album titled "Waves Motel".
The Mad Bloggers Present: e.d.g.e “Waves Motel EP” (produced by Justyn Waves x Moteleola) The project that Vancouver MC e.d.g.e had put on hold is complete and available for free download. “Waves Motel” is a cohesive project, which ranges from personal storytelling (“Journal Entry”), to the perspective of a soul on the wrong side of the afterlife (“Inferno”), to the everyday struggle of communicating with the opposite sex (“Laws Of Attraction”). The soulful production of both Justyn Waves and Moteleola, respectively, provide the perfect backdrop for e.d.g.e.’s pen…

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