Thursday, March 6, 2014

DC Comets (Theory Hazit & Cream of Beats) - Astro x Reconsilence/I.O.U.

DC Comets is a hip hop group consisting and formed by rapper, Theory Hazit and producer, Cream Of Beats (also known as Roxstar). The two are known for their work on Theory’s first album, Extra Credit. The songs, T-Minus Ten and Emit Gninrut, not only appeared the album but was featured as the rapper’s debut singles. 2006 was the year they met through a mutual friend and fellow artist, Z1 The Essential. Through their collaboration, Theory and Cream Of Beats became friends and continued to stay in touch. In 2010, Cream Of Beats agreed to partner with Theory Hazit and take part in creating a plethora of songs. With COB hailing from Detroit and Hazit being from Cincinnati, it was clear that the two should create music that reflected their Midwest region, honoring artists such as Slum Village, Hi-Tek, Mood, and more. 
Theory Hazit always had a vivid imagination, enjoying cartoons more than music videos. These days, he rocks a various styles of helmets during his performance to remind him that he is at war with several issues that this world offers. With Cream Of Beats as his partner, they’re sure to leave a crater in the hip hop map.

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