Friday, February 21, 2014

Lance Boyle - The Complete Lance Boyle (Album)


Nobody's quite sure just who Lance Boyle is. Some are convinced that the infamous star of the 1994 video game Mega Race came to life and made these beats himself. The actor who portrayed Lance in the games, Christian Erickson, could not be reached for comment, although we imagine he'd be pretty freaked out if one of his characters had assumed autonomous existence. Other conspiracy theorists claim that Lance is a pseudonym for a better-known producer's side project. Still others say that he's just a complete unknown who made these beats.

Here are the facts: Mr. Boyle hasn't made a beat since some time August or September 2013. He has, on a completely anonymous basis, given HEY WTF the go-ahead to present these tracks as a complete retrospective of his entire three month career. We gained access to unreleased tracks, demos, and more, and compiled these 32 tracks for your enjoyment.

Contains content from:
daze off EP [self-released beattape]
fk sht, ovr it [self-released EP]
l3ft0ver$~ [self-released beattape]
AT THE MOVIES WITH... [unreleased/unfinished project]
Melancholy Slow Jams [unreleased/unfinished project]
bossa [unreleased/unfinished project]
DANCE PARTY 1997 [unreleased/unfinished collaboration with Pajama Sam]
Daze Away [unreleased/unfinished project]
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