Friday, February 28, 2014

Ebb One & Jaba Da Kut - Walk

"Walk" is a song off a recent EP released by Ebb One & Jaba Da Kut titled "Mutiny".
"Walk" was actually the first song Jaba and I started working on. Immediately after hearing the beat I knew exactly what I wanted do with this song. It was last spring (2013) and I didn't have a vehicle. I was walking to and from work occasionally and always thought how much more interesting my day was when I did. I began to think it would be fun to do a "pro" walk song and accompany it with a video that would capture the experience that we take for granted sometimes, including myself (I have a car now and walk MUCH less). This video is a look into OUR city (Eugene) and my foot travels through out it, which is all I was trying to accomplish. Thanks for the listen and look, please share to your hearts content. - ebb
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