Thursday, January 23, 2014

Unjust – Full Melt (Instrumental Album)

Unjust, producer of Chosen Few, is following up his production of the “First Light” (Opio and Pep Love) album, Fallacy Fantasy, with his own instrumental album/movie Full Melt. Full Melt, what he promises to be the first in a series, is an audio/visual tribute to his childhood influences – from the era of the mid 70′s – early 80′s, a truly wonderous time to be a child, with imagineering evolving rapidly. Jim Henson, Nintendo, legos…creative exploration was finding new mediums of fruition, and children of the time were privy to an unprecedented banquet of audio visual stimuli. The album has samples and video clips from a multitude of obscure sources, ranging from Fraggle Rock to PBS and beyond. “I wanted to make something that my 17 year old self would have gravitated towards. Something he could smoke to, bug out on, and take something away from.”, he says. A long time established visual artist, he has designed album covers, animations, web sites, marketing materials etc for The likes of Hieroglyphics, Dilated Peoples, Little Brother, Rakim, Ice Cube, Pastor Troy, Tech N9Ne, J-Dilla, Alchemist, Planet Asia, Exzhibit, Too $hort, E-40, Roc Marciano and many many more. So FullMelt brings together his production skills and graphics expertise in a non-apolgetic personal message of influence, rebellion, growth, and expression, fully self -produced, directed and animated. The album is free to download, but you can also order the album with exclusive extras songs from Opio, Pep Love, One Belo, Phat Kat and more on Custom USB Nug Jars, as well as high quality 100% cotton/Organic Hemp shirts.
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