Saturday, October 5, 2013

Phazz - Reworks EP

For it's fifth release since the label's inception in August, Cosmonostro presents a collection of spaced-out reworks courtesy of French producer Phazz. Phazz takes the R&B formula and updates it for the electronic generation, complete with skittering hi-hats and otherworldly pitch-bent vocals, whilst leaving breathing space between the reverb-soaked beats to create the blissed-out magic. 

Phazz's sounds belong as much in the club as they do in the bedroom, oozing with that sexual energy and romantic swagger that made so many of us fall in love with R&B in the early 00s. Taking something as familiar as Pharrell & Jay-Z's Frontin and giving it a fresh edge without tainting the power of the original production is a formidable challenge, and can so often go horribly wrong. Yet here Phazz demonstrates his finesse for knowing just how much to add or take away to achieve that enchanting balance.

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